Field Operations Positions on Google Projects through Adecco

Orion is currently recruiting for Field Operations (Associate, Specialist, Team Lead) positions with Adecco, in support of Google's Project Maps, the next generation of Google Maps. You will have the opportunity to work on project teams that are developing new technologies, or upgrading existing platforms to the next generation. This is your chance to begin your career with one of the world's most recognized and respected companies.

Below is a map of the Bellagio Hotel and the Bellagio Pool area in Las Vegas. In the past you could use Google Maps to get from your house to the parking lot of your destination. With the new program, anyone will now be able to navigate not just to the destination, but to a specific area of the destination just by using their phone.

  • Project Outdoor Maps
    Outside (building structure, etc.)
  • Project Outdoor Maps
    Inside (hallways, bathrooms, etc)

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