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20 Creative Ways to Show Employees They're Appreciated

It's no surprise that employees are the biggest asset of your company - without them, no business objective could be accomplished. Most companies want to offer rewards and incentives to keep their employees happy, productive, and engaged, but find themselves stumped on how exactly to achieve those goals. offers 20 affordable ways to show employees that they are a valued asset to a company.

Flex time. Allow your employees a way to accommodate for personal matters, like doctor’s appointments.

Innovation days. Get your employees thinking creatively by setting aside a few days a year to address projects related to their workspace and the way they work.

Monthly commuter benefits. In cities where mass transit is used, companies offer tax-free transit far programs, like TransitChek or Commuter Check, which also saves your company money in payroll taxes.

Fully stocked kitchen. Keep your employees hydrated and satisfied with free coffee, soda, and even snacks during work hours.

Wellness benefits. Employees can receive reimbursement for items related to fitness and well-being, including gym memberships, athletic equipment, etc.

Free lunch. Occasionally order in for your employees to encourage community and give them a break from packed lunches.

Canine colleagues. Invite some (house-trained) canine visitors to boost morale for the dog-lovers in your office.

Parental leave. The U.S. has one of the weakest paid family-leave benefits of any country. Set your company apart by making sure all employees are eligible for paid time off after a life event, such as the birth of a child.

No dress code. Create a relaxed work environment and leave the ties and business suits at home.

Summer hours. Allow employees to leave early on Fridays, giving them a head start on their weekend as well as the traffic.

Optional telecommuting. In our ever-expanding mobile and digitally connected world, it is becoming increasingly easier for employees to work from home successfully. Allow for employees to work either full or part-time from home.

Flexibility in paid time off. Allow employees to choose when to use their paid time off (vacation, sick or personal time) to meet the needs of their individual situations.

A culture of work/life balance. Create an environment where your employees know it really is okay to leave the office before 8 p.m.

Perks for part-time employees. Many companies forget about their part-time employees – provide them with perks and rewards and you will get full-time productivity.

Cultural extras.  Reward your employees with gifts like concert or movie tickets, passes to sporting events, or even gift cards to restaurants to keep the workplace exciting.

Sabbaticals. Don’t forget those long-term employees – offer month-long sabbaticals after five or ten years of service.

Employee referral programs. Your best employees are usually hired through referrals. Offer a cash bonus to those who refer a potential employee who is hired.

Green initiatives. Offer preferred parking or subsidies for those employees who purchase and drive a hybrid vehicle.

Tuition forgiveness. For those hard-to-fill positions, offer to pay a percentage of tuition owed, per year of employment.

Paid time off to volunteer. Help your employees give back to the community easier by offering a specific amount of time to volunteer.

Incorporating these benefits will help your company attract top talent, decrease expensive voluntary turnover, and ensure that your employees will retain their positions happily. Has your company enacted any of the above perks? What other ways can your company show employees they are appreciated?

Left Brain v. Right Brain: The Makings of the Modern Recruiter

What does it take to woo even the most passive of candidates? According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions it takes a Modern Recruiter who is Part Artist, Part Scientist. A head for metrics, coupled with an understanding of the intangibles of candidate experience, makes for a well-rounded recruiter best suited to successfully filling open positions. Check out the infographic below to learn exactly what this means:

Upcoming Hiring Conferences

Orion Military Hiring Conferences – Interview Junior Military Officers,
Noncommissioned Officers and Enlisted Technicians Recruited for your Hiring Needs

An Orion Hiring Conference is your chance to interview the best military job seekers, selected specifically for your open positions. You will be presented with prescreened, qualified and suitably matched veterans that are interested in your available opportunities. Click on the dates below to learn more about our upcoming hiring conferences. 

Norfolk, VA

Pittsburgh, PA

Norfolk, VA (Midwest Technician Event)

Philadelphia, PA (Technician Event)

Philadelphia, PA DCC


Jacksonvile, FL

Atlanta, GA


Chicago, IL

Norfolk, VA (Midwest Technician Event)

Chicago, IL

March 16

South Central  

Houston, TX (Technician event)

Houston, TX (DCC)

Houston, TX

Houston, TX

March 2

March 2-3

April 13

May 18


San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA

San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA

Meet Our Candidates

The battle for talent in the workplace can be fierce.  It doesn't have to be if you know where to look. Below is a preview of actual Orion International candidates and the valuable skills and experience they possess.

Executive Director; MS Engineering Management View Resume

Infantry Officer View Resume

Nuclear Engineering Manager; USNA Graduate View Resume

Navy Officer Recruiter with MBA View Resume

Aviation Support Equipment Technician View Resume

Maintenance Supervisor View Resume

Industrial Mechanic View Resume

Electronics Technician View Resume

National Distinguished Candidate Conference

Mark your calendar for our upcoming National Distinguished Candidate Conference:

Philadelphia, PA
May 4-5, 2015

Since 1991, our clients have told us that the most important factor in deciding to hire military through an agency is the Quality of Candidate. Our unique Distinguished Candidate Conference is designed to recruit, assess, screen, and present the top military candidates for your hiring needs. In 2014, nearly 100 client companies strategically hired Orion’s Military Officers through our Distinguished Candidate Conferences, with over 40% making multiple hires.

Orion’s Distinguished Candidates are carefully selected and represent the very top tier of Military Officers transitioning from Active Duty. They are seeking careers in growth roles including Leadership Development, Operations Management, Engineering, and Sales.

Our Junior Military Officer Candidates at these National Events:

  • Service Academy Graduates and graduates of the nation’s top universities.
  • Candidates with MBAs and other advanced degrees; and those with PMPs, PEs, and other professional certifications.
  • Candidates who have consistently ranked well above their peers in their professional military evaluations.
  • Willing to relocate and geographically flexible.

Distinguished Candidate Conference Highlights:

  • This event will feature 30 minute Client Presentations in which you can present to the candidates you’ll be interviewing in advance. We recommend a C-level or VP Presenter for client presentations.
  • Enjoy an additional opportunity for socializing with the candidates and other Hiring Managers, at our President’s Reception following the Keynote Address on Monday evening.
  • Pre-screened, assessed, qualified Officer Candidates suitably matched for your particular hiring needs.
  • A private and professional interview setting.
  • Personalized attention to ensure the best in customer service, including insight on the candidates and advice on the most effective hiring strategy.

In addition, Orion’s Executive Leadership Team will be available throughout the event to meet and discuss your company’s talent planning and how our dedicated on-boarding programs, assessment tools, and other enterprise-scale service offerings may be able to support your organization in 2015 and beyond.

What do our clients have to say about the caliber of candidates at an Orion Distinguished Candidate Conference?

"Our experience at Orion's Distinguished Candidate Conference was a great success. The candidates were of the highest caliber and extremely well matched for our Leadership Development Program. This event enabled us to hire 5 outstanding JMOs very efficiently, saving weeks of time. I look forward to seeing the impact these new leaders will have on BP." - Program Manager, BP

The Distinguished Candidate Conference enables you to develop a strong pipeline of future leaders and foster strategic organizational growth.

Learn more about our Distinguished Candidate Conferences and discover for yourself the impact a Military Officer can have on your organization.

Veteran Spotlight: Tim Goering

Tim Goering is a former USMC Pilot whose career since transitioning has led from medical device sales to his own sales consulting business. In 1998, Tim decided it was that he wanted to have the freedom to watch his family grow up, participate as the coach of their teams, and to no longer be in danger. “I value my time in the Marine Corps, and I will never forget the people I served with, but my two daughters changed my perspective significantly,” explains Tim.

Orion helped Tim find a civilian job with Cordis, Johnson and Johnson. Upon transitioning to a career in sales, Tim started making great money as a salesman and resigned his commission as a Major in the USMC Reserves. Tim says that his family was exceedingly supportive of his decision to transition and that they had faith in his ability. His transition from the Marine Corps wasn't just about the money, though. He felt he was missing out on time with his family and felt that by transitioning, he could enjoy more time with them.

Tim’s career path ended up leading him from Cordis, Johnson & Johnson to Bernstein Investment Research and Management. From there, he went to GenSpring Family Offices followed by Seaside National Bank & Trust. Most recently, he worked with BNY Mellon, Wealth Management, where he was Managing Director of Sales for the State of Florida.

“I have now started my own company called Makingluck Inc. It would have been very difficult to reach my goal of clearing $1,000,000 working for someone else! Makingluck, Inc. helps local, regional, and national businesses identify and implement successful sales tactics from prospecting, to closing the sale, and customer retention,” says Tim of his new company, “I still plan to stick to my goal. I do know, though, that this goal may cap out in time. Falling short of a big goal is still fun, and trying to hit a big goal is even more fun!”

Like a lot of veterans, Tim was a little hesitant about the move to civilian life. “You will never find the kind of loyalty you had in the military on a broad scale. That said, you will find that the average civilian truly appreciates your service to our country. Once I found out that there were former military people in corporate America, and that they still had all the loyalty that they learned on their first job, I found life in corporate America quite fun. Most of all, I loved the freedom of deciding when I would go on vacation rather than asking permission,” recalls Tim. Tim states that the military gave him an edge, because nothing was really hard after that. He found that being persistent came naturally, which is not always the case with the average civilian. “The most specific instance I can think of where the military experience helped me is with regard to standard operating procedure. I truly enjoyed all the forward thinking checklists that we used in the military,” he explains, “We anticipated future maintenance and emergencies as part of the normal course of action. In corporate America, I developed my own checklists for ensuring things got done. I tried not to let things surprise me, and to my surprise that set me apart.”

Tim’s advice for hiring managers is that you can't find a more capable, qualified individual than you can find in a former military candidate. "If you're willing to invest a little bit of time upfront helping them transition from an environment where everyone cares to an environment with varying degrees of true engagement, you will be hiring somebody that will be loyal to you forever. Hire veterans, because freedom is not free. The growth of your company will only occur if you invest in the right people," he says

Thank you, Tim, for all the great advice. You weren’t kidding when you said, “I was a Marine. Expect me to over deliver, or don't ask!­”

To read more about Tim’s transition story, click here. And to learn more about how you can recruit military leaders for your company, click here.

Refer a Colleague to Hire Military Talent

Is your company or that of a friend or colleague in need of military talent? For every referral you provide, you will be automatically entered into our monthly drawing for a $50 gift card. Even better, if your referral results in a hire, you will personally receive a $100 gift card as our way of saying thank you. As always, we will maintain your privacy and never share your information nor that of your referral.

Click here to refer a colleague to hire military talent now!

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