Former Military Alumni, Civilian Career Success

Where are Orion's Former Military Alumni now?

We know that you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a firm to represent you in your career search. Over 34,000 veterans have made the choice to find their civilian careers through Orion International.

What happens to our military job seekers once they start a new career? Check out what our alumni are doing now.

"I was in the Navy as a Helicopter Pilot, although my last tour was as the PAO of the USS Tarawa. I feel that my last tour really prepared me for a job in sales, because in that job I sold the Navy, so I found it was an easy transition from PAO to Sales Representative. I like working in sales, because I like having my own schedule and having relationships with my clients.
I was hired in October 2006 and was promoted to a Tier II Representative in October 2008. Currently I am the Top performer in my district and am in top 10% of the company. If I keep it up, I will win the Gold Cup for the first time at Daiichi Sankyo." - PC2 Oceanside-Sales Representative, Daiichi Sankyo Inc.
Placed 2006, US Navy, Lieutenant

"I was in quite a few different positions over the eight-plus years I was in the military, including Platoon leader, Executive Officer, Company Commander, Battalion S-3, and Instructor. I was a Transportation Officer.
I think the military prepared me very well for a career in sales. In sales, you have to be confident in yourself and what you are selling. You also have to think on your feet, be knowledgeable about many aspects of your product, although you may not necessarily be the expert, and work well with others. In my type of sales, I rely heavily on our employees to deliver what our customers are looking for." - Sales Engineer, Greystone
Placed 2007, US Army, Captain

"I was a US Army Medical Service Corp Officer and served as S1-Personnel Officer and, ultimately, a S2/S3- Security/Intelligence & Operations Officer (Battalion-level) for the 31st Combat Support Hospital, 31st ADA Brigade, Ft. Bliss, Texas. My experience in the military not only prepared me for my position as a Call Center Supervisor but also launched other opportunities within this same organization.
Since that initial call center position, and within one year of my hiring, I held interim positions in Human Resources, Order Fulfillment/Data Entry, and then returned to the call center with a promotion as Call Center Manager. A year later, I was promoted to Manufacturing Superintendent. Almost two years later, I applied and was accepted to the Executive MBA program with the University of Texas, San Antonio. The company covered my tuition.
During the program, and to add depth to this learning opportunity, I applied for a lateral move to manage & oversee our division's inventory, logistics, procurement, and outsource fulfillment needs. I have remained in this position even after graduating in May 2007. I am currently preparing for the examinations to get certified in my field as a Certified Professional in Supply Management (C.P.S.M.).
I really want to express my gratitude with Orion for helping me take that plunge in 2001 as my wife and I made the ultimate decision to transition out of the military. I would definitely work with Orion again, despite the current state of our economy." - Logistics & Materials Manager, Checks in the Mail, Inc
Placed 2001, US Army, First Lieutenant

"I served in the US Navy in electronics and networking and specifically worked on Mk 86 Gun Fire Control Systems and Spy-1D Radar systems. My military experience prepared me enormously for this job and other jobs that I had interviewed for at the time. But more importantly for this job, the Navy taught me time-management skills and self-management skills that I use on a daily basis with my position with Siemens Medical Solutions.
I was placed with Siemens back in 2006 and still work for them. I have been promoted to a Tech 2 Engineer and have received numerous raises and bonuses. I love my current job and the company I work for. There is no other place I would rather be working. Orion helped me throughout my interviewing and hiring phase, and, lucky for me, helped me land in what I consider my dream job. Thanks, Orion!" - Tech 2 Engineer, Siemens Medical Solutions
Placed 2006, US Navy, Petty Officer Third Class

"I was an Infantry Lieutenant, Ranger Qualified, in the US Army and feel this experience qualified me to do just about any job that required leadership. During my time in the Army, I gained the ability to influence others through 'selling'and interpersonal skills. I also became dedicated above normal work ethic, all with limited training while multitasking, planning, and traveling with odd hours.
I enjoy working in the medical device industry, as it leaves no room for poor performance. I have the upmost confidence in my 'purpose,'which is providing surgeons the best technologies in the world to treat patients in a better way. This makes for a challenging, rewarding career.
I started out at KLS Martin in 2001 as a Sales Consultant and since have been promoted to Product Manager, Regional Director, and am currently a Senior Product Manager in charge of product training. We continue to grow as a company, and I am thankful for the opportunity to interview with KLS Martin." - Senior Product Manager, KLS Martin
Placed 2001, US Army, First Lieutenant

"I was a 5952 Navigational Aid Technician in the Marine Corps and worked with ATC on airfields and had a wide array of responsibilities. Navaid Techs are predominately electronics technicians who work with equipment that the FAA uses to this day, mainly ground based homing beacons that provide various amounts of data to aircraft equipment to let pilots know where they are in reference to an airfield.
The military didn't just prepare me for a career; it prepared me for life in general. It was more of a fast track on how to be tactful and professional in everyday situations. It was my MOS training and experiences that developed skills that I use every day in my work. Attention to detail, being one of the more important skills that I developed in the military, is something that I still depend on today after separation from the Corps.
Looking back on my experience in the military, it seems like a five-year vacation from life in general. I did have restrictions on personal choices to a degree, but, all considered, I received a paycheck, had a roof over my head, and was guaranteed three hot meals a day when not on deployment. The only downside is that I felt that I was starting over career-wise at the age of 26 when I separated. One definite benefit is the fact that many companies prefer veterans and even grant veteran's preference during the interview proceedings.
Since Orion International was able to place me, I've basically fallen unknowingly into a career in the HVAC industry. I incorporate the electrical knowledge I gained in the military on a daily basis. The work keeps me thinking just as the work in the military did. In laymen's terms, I am a problem solver for mechanical/electrical heating and air-conditioning equipment. I take specific facts that equipment may be displaying at a given time and determine what is wrong with it. Instead of depending on electrical readings as I did as a Navaid Tech, now I take in account many different variables that can all help point to a discrepancy in a piece of equipment's operation.
I find contentment in this career with the knowledge that once I finish school as a mechanic, I can pursue further study as an engineer in the same field. It would be of my own agenda; however it means that I am not limited to training for a career that will dead end at a certain point with no opportunities for additional advancement.
I would like to thank the people at Orion International for providing such a service to the men and women of the armed forces. Without it, I very well could have ended up in a position that didn't meet my expectations." - Field Technician, McKinstry
Placed 2006, US Marine Corps, Sergeant

"I really have a great deal to thank Orion for. I was packed and ready to move all the way to Colorado Springs from San Diego, when Todd called and asked if I'd be able to meet with him. I had just retired and the few interviews I had did not fare well. In less than a week I attended a conference and had eight interviews. I'm not making six figures; however, I make a comfortable living that provides well for my family and me. I can't say enough about the outstanding service your company provides employers and former military." - Service Technician, International Gaming Technology
Placed 2006, US Navy, Petty Officer First Class

"I attended a hiring conference through Orion at the end of 2005. I interviewed with a few companies that attended the conference and I was offered a position with one of them. The company was Epoch Well Services and I have been with them since December 12, 2005.
I enjoy my job every day and hope to be with Epoch for a long time to come. I have increased my income and responsibility level significantly in the last few years, and I hope to increase it even more in the near future. I just want to say thank you for putting these conferences together for veterans, because it makes finding a job much easier than using the usual methods." - Field Technician, Epoch Well Services
Placed 2005, US Navy, Petty Officer Second Class

"I left the US Air Force after 9 years as a 2W171 - Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist; here I am just over 6 years later as the Improvement & Development Technician for Pason Systems USA Corp. Pason is the world leader in industrial technology providing design, manufacturing, and rental of specialized drilling instrumentation systems. Pason is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with our US led operations headquartered in Golden, Colorado, and a sales office in Houston, Texas.
Orion International led me to Pason Systems just over 6 years ago as a Field Service and Sales Technician, which I did for my first four years until I moved into my current position as the Improvement & Development Technician just over 2 years ago. I currently work as the U.S. representative for all equipment related issues and for improvement processes to maintain and achieve the highest level of quality in our products and services. I have been very successful, and I just wanted to thank you again for helping me connect with such a great company which has grown into the world leader in oilfield instrumentation." - Field Service Representative, Pason Systems, Inc.
Placed 2001, US Air Force, Staff Sergeant

"The decision to leave the military can be a difficult choice to make. If the transition process itself were not challenging enough, it's made even more difficult by the fact that many of us are unaware of the diverse opportunities available to us after separation.
I did a fair amount of research when deciding which recruiting service I wanted to use. After discussing my goals, expectations and geographical preferences with many recruiting firms, Orion's personalized service and attention to my needs truly stood out above all others. They did an outstanding job of matching my skill set and career preferences with the needs of multiple companies willing to interview me. The entire process was relatively quick and I was amazed at how fast I found myself in a great position with a fabulous company.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Orion's services to anyone who is in a transitional stage in their career, and I will be sure to use their services again when it comes time for me to look for potential employee candidates. They know their craft well - and I owe my start in my new career field to them." - Applications Engineer, Schneider Electric
Placed 2007, US Navy, Lieutenant

"I started work for Pactiv Corporation, in one of their facilities located in Red Bluff, CA, on February 28, 2000. I was hired as the Electrical, Instrument, and Boiler Supervisor based on my 26 years of service in the United States Navy as an electrician, electrical supervisor, and manager on Nuclear Submarines. My job responsibilities included electrical and instrumentation maintenance/repair, along with special projects in support of manufacturing.
In April of 2000 I was assigned the additional responsibility of being the Asbestos Removal Coordinator. I have successfully steered the removal of all friable asbestos as of May 2007.
Then, I was given the duties of Safety Manager in 2002. I also obtained approval for training for my instrument technicians so they could set up our Programmable Logic Controllers on a $3,000,000 project that went as planned.
In 2004, we went through a re-organization. I was assigned as the Purchasing Manager and retained my responsibilities as the Safety Manager.
In December 2004, I was assigned as the Information Technology Coordinator for our facility. As such I coordinate all I.T. and communications issues that may arise with our regional or corporate I.T. groups.
I am currently pleased with my job duties. They are challenging, and no one day is like the day before. It keeps me busy yet I still find time to enjoy family and take flying lessons." - Electrical Supervisor, Pactiv
Placed 2000, US Navy, Senior Chief Petty Officer

"After retiring from the Navy after 30 years, I had no clue as to what career to pursue. Thanks to Orion, I landed a well-paying and satisfying career here at GD-NASSCO. Thank you very much!" - Staff Engineer, NASSCO
Placed 2006, US Navy, Lieutenant Commander

"I am doing well with the company that I was placed with through Orion. It has been more than I expected. It has been great. After only 6 months of being with the company I received a big raise." - Shift Manager, Severstal Steel
Placed 2006, US Navy, Petty Officer First Class

"I wanted to give an update on my employment status that Orion helped me to obtain. I have been with Temple-Inland since I retired from the Army in June of 2006.
My skills obtained in the military have helped me to keep the position and develop it into what is shaping up to be a career. My initial salary was much more than I could have achieved on my own. Now that I have proven myself, I am on the path to a lucrative and fulfilling career. Orion was the bridge between my past and my now certain future." - Shift Supervisor, Temple-Inland
Placed 2006, US Army, First Sergeant

"In May 2005 I finished my six year enlistment as a missile technician in the US Navy. For over a year I looked for the perfect job by submitting hundreds of resumes to various online websites and giving my resume to numerous managers with very little success.
After struggling to make ends meet for my family, I finally attended an Orion hiring conference in Houston in June 2006. Orion was able to put me in front of managers who truly understood my expertise. Within a week of attending the conference I received three job offers. I accepted a career as an East Texas Process Coordinator for Baker Hughes Oil Company.
Now I'm a Sr. Process Coordinator for North America Management. I'd like to say, Orion, thank you for not just helping me find a job, but a career that will help me take care of my family.
Speaking from true experience, I highly recommend anyone getting ready to leave the armed forces to give Orion International a call." - Process Coordinator, Baker Atlas
Placed 2006, US Navy, Petty Officer Second Class

"My experience with Orion was outstanding! After looking for a job on my own for about six months as I prepared to separate from the Air Force in May 2007, I turned to Orion International with only six months left to go. Orion placed me into my job with Tyco Electronics that same month. I am a Sales Engineer in the Aerospace and Defense business unit.
My job with Tyco is one that most would have to work toward within the company. I was fortunate to get the job based on my military experience and education. There are Sales Engineers that have been with the company for 30 years in this same position because of its benefits. Tyco is a $13.8 Billion dollar company, with facilities all over the world.
I would recommend Orion to any prior military personnel looking to enter the corporate world. The process and preparation that Orion provides for their candidates is extremely effective. I am very happy with my new position and owe it all to Orion." - Sales Engineer, Tyco Electronics
Placed 2007, US Air Force, Captain

"Orion International was instrumental in my being hired by Baker Atlas. I perform downhole seismic exploration work in an area that includes Alaska, the continental United States, the eastern third of Canada, and the entire Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean Sea.
Since I was hired at Baker Atlas through Orion, I have been promoted to the position of Field Engineer, with increased responsibilities, recognition and compensation as a result of my efforts. I am currently working on my Senior Field Engineer's project." - Field Engineer, Baker Atlas
Placed 2006, US Navy, Petty Officer Second Class

"I wish I would have contacted Orion International sooner than I did, but it all worked out in the end! Working with Orion was a great experience from the get-go. All my questions were answered up-front, and the follow-up during the entire process was outstanding.
Since getting my job, I have found that there is awesome opportunity for growth within CIRCOR Aerospace. CIRCOR is an expanding aerospace firm and one of five different global businesses in our aerospace group. I envision a great future ahead and plenty of career advancement opportunities!" - Value Stream Leader, CIRCOR Aerospace
Value Stream Leader, CIRCOR Aerospace

"I picked up the basics here at Haven Homes very quickly. A week and a half into my new job, I performed my first solo estimate. Since then, things have been moving rapidly-to the extent that I've even priced a couple of the more complex commercial jobs. Thanks to my knowledge of Excel, I've also been able to add a couple of very productive enhancements to their prior capabilities, which has not gone unnoticed. Things have been going great.
Haven is a fantastic place to work. Thanks again for making sure that I didn't immediately write it off because it's in the housing industry. Everyone I work with is happy to help me along when I have questions, and I have even been able to make contributions of my own to fellow estimators. Thanks again for everything." - Estimator, Haven Homes
Placed 2008, US Navy, Lieutenant Commander

"Eight and half years ago I walked into the Orion offices and they changed my life forever. On March 3, 2000, I left the U.S. Navy and my position of Work Center Supervisor for the G-2 Division on the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). Through Orion I started working as a Plant Operator at the Reading, PA Air Separation Unit (ASU) for MG Industries on March 13, 2000.
MG Industries was one of the top Medical Compressed Gas Manufacturers in the world. I was promoted to the Quality Manager/Assistant Plant Manager at the Reading Facility. My duties included conducting site audits, originating plant documents, supervising all quality functions and ensuring compliance to all FDA, EPA, and Federal regulations. My responsibilities also entailed standing in for the Plant Manager in his absence and being on-call. In February 2008, I accepted the position of Area Quality Specialist for the Denver, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City ASU's and Depots.
My family and I relocated to Denver, Colorado, in May, and are enjoying every minute. The new position requires me to travel to these facilities and conduct audits/assessments to ensure that they are compliant with all FDA regulations. My current position is very exciting and allows me to provide guidance and training to allow these facilities to operate safely, reliably, and provide quality products." - Plant Operator, Air Liquide
Placed 2000, US Navy, Petty Officer Second Class

"It's been 20 months since I was placed at Bird Technologies Group in Solon, OH, and I have to say that being placed here has been a dream come true. This is a family owned business and has been around since 1943.
We manufacture RF power measurement and test equipment as well as RF components and in-building solutions. I am the Military Sales Manager and I conduct sales calls not only on the military but also all of the prime contractors like Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, and General Dynamics. With the right focus, we have been able to increase military bookings and sales by 43% this past year!
My experience with Orion was life changing. If it wasn't for their hard work and diligence, I would not be where I am at today. Thank you." - Military Sales Manager, Bird Technologies
Placed 2007, US Navy, Chief Petty Officer